A Multi-Center Time Study of Home Infusion Pharmacist Professional Services

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Danell Haines, PhD, Research Consultant; Ryan Garst, PharmD, MBA, IgCP, BCSCP, NHIA; Connie Sullivan, BSPharm, NHIA; Jennifer Charron, RN, MSN, MBA, NHIA

Pharmacist professional services are paramount to the success of the home infusion process. Using home infusion pharmacist time utilization data collected in this study, the amount of time the home infusion pharmacist spends managing and caring for the patient was determined. The categories of professional services the pharmacist provides and the time and task differences between therapy types and methods of administration was also determined.

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A Multi-Center Study of Home Infusion Services in Rural Areas

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Steven Ward, WellSky; Bill Noyes, NHIA; Connie Sullivan, BSPharm, NHIA; Danell Haines, PhD, Research Consultant

Approximately 15% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas. It is recognized that rural Americans have fewer health care opportunities when compared to metropolitan residents. This study aimed to determine the annual percentage of home infusion patients living and receiving home infusion services in rural areas.

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A 10-Year Retrospective Pilot Study of Parenteral Diphenhydramine Use in Home Infusion Patients

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Mary Beth Letourneau, PharmD, New England Life Care; Erica Sievert, PharmD, New England Life Care; Amy MacInnis, PharmD, New England Life Care

Patients who administer chronic parenteral diphenhydramine are at risk of developing behavioral issues that may represent misuse or abuse. The purpose of this study was to assess potential risk factors and comorbidities for medication noncompliance in the home infusion patient population prescribed parenteral diphenhydramine.

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