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Suggested Research Topics

Promoting evidence-based research is at the heart of our mission at NHIF, and Infusion Journal is interested in publishing research in home infusion. The below list of research topics and tools can help guide you as you consider performing research for future submission to Infusion Journal.

Available Research Opportunities in Relevant Areas of Interest In Home Infusion


  1. A comparative analysis of administration methods of biologic medications initially indicated for IV administration and later transitioned to subcutaneous administration.
  2. A study of AUC dosing vs trough-based dosing of medications and the impact on home infusion nurse time and scheduling.
    1. Examples: analyze for RN productivity, evaluate a pretest/posttest RN training program
  3. A retrospective review of time from medication discontinuation to removal of central venous access device among home infusion patients.
  4. Rehospitalization rates for AKI or worsening of infection due to lack of response.


  1. An investigational study of hazardous drug residue on surfaces in controlled environments where sterile preparations are compounded.
  2. A cross-sectional analysis of the rate of neutropenia in conjunction with cephalosporin administration among home infusion patients.
  3. A comparative study of the rate of ADRs during parenteral medication administration in the home versus infusion clinic versus hospital inpatient setting.
  4. Any research on drug safety in the home and alternate site.

Performance Improvement

  1. A retrospective study of particle counts/viable counts in controlled environments where sterile preparations are compounded. A review of findings and trends of certification reports and how to react to fluctuations within the normal ranges.
  2. Handling counts with normal limits and a program to develop a best practice standard.
  3. Performance improvement projects and impact on clinical and financial outcomes
    1. Vancomycin elastomeric, versus gravity and clinical and financial outcomes and impact between different MOAs, clinical outcomes, and cost.
  4. A prospective observational study of an educational tool to improve medication administration management and utilization of supplies among home infusion patients.
  5. Pump logistics: tracking, cleaning, maintenance, how to manage, best practices.
  6. Conversion from pump administration to other methods of administration and results.

Transitions of Care

  1. A pilot study of the incidence of patients returning to home infusion services after hospital discharge.
    1. Implementation of a patient track and trace system for hospital readmission to discharge home.
  2. Time to start of care for specialty medications looking at both the therapy, payer, employee processes.

Revenue Cycle

  1. A retrospective review of the patient’s out-of-pocket costs and the variance measured over three (X) years.
  2. A pilot study reviewing a novel concept to collect patient copays and the success rate before and after program implementation.

Patient Centered

  1. A descriptive study evaluating social, cultural, and economic diversity within the home infusion patient population.
  2. A cross-sectional qualitative study of patient literacy using an assessment tool among home infusion patients.
  3. A review of status at discharge outcomes among home infusion patients with Substance Misuse Disorders.
    1. Mental health diagnosis and impact on status at discharge.
  4. Case studies
    1. Approaches to managing practice-related problems in infusion. Problem solving, not hypothesis testing, is emphasized.
    2. Drug change response due to no response to therapy and that response compared to literature available.
  5. Access to care among rural patients and first dosing to begin care.
    1. Solutions and programs to evaluate this process.
    2. Change of route of administration IV and IM.
  6. Patient and organizational adoption of technology for patient care.
    1. Scheduling, patient communication, vendor satisfaction.

Research Examples

NHIF has created detailed research study topic examples.

Research Template

NHIF has created a research proposal template to help guide your research project.


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