Value to Members

Importance of Standards for Ethical Practice to Members and Industry

The NHIA Standards for Ethical Practice reflect the industry’s commitment to providing high-quality care to patients and reaffirm our Members’ pledge to operate their businesses with integrity.  As responsible health care providers and business leaders, these NHIA Standards can also serve as an effective tool in making decisions and taking appropriate actions that are ethical and in compliance with applicable legal requirements. 

In today’s changing regulatory environment, the Standards position NHIA and its members as leaders in compliance.  By self-regulating rather than waiting for legislation, the industry is promoting its high standards of care to patients and its commitment to sound business practices.  At the same time, the NHIA Standards for Ethical Practice provide members the ability to distinguish themselves as trusted provider partners outside of the alternate-site infusion industry.

Overall, the benefits of formalizing the industry’s moral principles include:

  • Reaffirming our industry’s pledge to operate our businesses with integrity.
  • Serving our members as an effective tool for ethical and legal decision making.
  • Enhancing the reputation of NHIA and its members in the eyes of legislators, regulators, the media, and the public.
  • Providing NHIA members with a clear, easy way to demonstrate their commitment to high ethical practices among patients and referral sources.
  • Communicating to all parties NHIA’s expectation that our members place the highest priority on compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and execute their operations in a highly principled manner.
  • Giving the NHIA Board of Directors a definitive set of criteria for evaluating cases where a member’s conformance to expectations for ethical behavior comes into question.