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Education Committee: Nursing Taskforce

Nursing Taskforce

The Nursing Taskforce will provide direction for nursing education content development and address a number of highly technical projects, including designing a nursing time study, producing and reviewing a nursing Advanced Certificate Training (ACT), and conducting a workforce survey.

Julie Deane RN, MAEd, BSN

Fairview Home Infusion

Erin Devlin MSN, BSN, RN

Yale New Haven

Christie Fisher MSN, MBA, RN, CRNI, IgCN


Audra Flynn MS, BSN, RN, NE-BC, CRNI, PHN

University of California, Davis

Lindsay Gaskell MSN, RN, OCN

University of Iowa Community HomeCare

Anisa Hakim BSN, RN


Angelle Steller BSN RN

Optum Infusion Pharmacy

Jannifer Stovall RN, BSN, MBA, CRNI, IgCN

Premier Infusion & Healthcare Services

Vanessa Sumner MBA, MSN, RN

Moog Medical Devices

Lisa Surby PhD, RN, IgCN

Naven Health

Amber Webb BSN, RN, CRNI

Oregon Health and Science University