NHIF Research

Research Initiatives

 Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program
Our initial results have been remarkable with 95% of patients preferring to receive their infusion in the home setting and 98% of patients surveyed indicating they are highly satisfied with their home infusion services. Additionally, patient satisfaction is so critical that is has been deemed a mandatory requirement for all Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Medicare providers. As the industry expands Medicare services, measuring patient satisfaction is expected to become a requirement of participating providers. Patient satisfaction can be an influential factor in the growth of the industry and these benchmarks are therefore vital to the home infusion industry.
Status at Discharge Benchmarking Program
New in 2020, the Status at Discharge benchmarking metric will serve as a baseline for other clinical outcome data that may be eventually included in the NHIF program. This metric will help us better to understand the reasons for discharge for patients from home infusion and suite-based infusions for various patient populations and therapies.
30-Day Hospital Readmission Benchmarking Program
New in 2020, the 30-Day Hospital Readmission (HRA) benchmark will help providers to better understand the frequency and reason for re-hospitalization within the first 30 days of home infusion therapy for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) receiving milrinone or dobutamine; and in parenteral nutrition patients referred for home therapy. These populations were selected for the higher level of complexity associated with the transition of care from hospital to home, and high acuity. This metric is voluntary, meaning if you participate in Patient Satisfaction and Status at Discharge, you do not need to report.