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Research Initiatives

Infusion Nursing Time Study

Status: Preparing Study and seeking interest

The National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) will be recruiting participants for our home infusion nursing time study. The goal of the study is to fill a gap in research that not only describes the nursing tasks associated with caring for infusion patients but also quantifies the time associated with these tasks.

Nursing Workforce Study

Status: Data collection completed and undergoing analysis

The National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) has initiated a study to fill a void in existing research describing the education, training, and experience of nurses in the home infusion workforce. This work will help educate infusion stakeholders on the specialized knowledge and skills of home infusion nurses as well as assess the current and future state of the infusion nursing workforce.

Pharmacist Professional Services Study Related to Specialty Drug Patient Care

Status: Actively recruiting and collecting data

The National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) invites all specialty infusion providers to participate in a new research study involving pharmacists collecting time data on professional services related to specialty drug patient care.

The specialty drugs included in the proposed study are monoclonal antibodies, subcutaneous and intravenous immune globulin, and both self-injected and health care provider injected specialty medication. The results from this investigation will assist in quantifying the home infusion pharmacist’s time commitment to tasks involved with caring for the specialty drug home infusion patient.

Participating providers will be provided with aggregated raw data from the study and be acknowledged in any research publications where data was used.


NHIF is currently recruiting participants, collecting and publishing data on the following metrics:

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Status at Discharge
  • 30-Day Hospital Readmission

NHIF Home Infusion Pharmacist Professional Services Study