Ethical Practice Resources

The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Standards for Ethical Practice represent a set of guiding principles for ethical patient care and business practices within the alternate-site infusion industry.  The standards reflect the industry’s commitment to the delivery of safe, high quality infusion therapy and reaffirm NHIA members’ pledge to conduct business operations with the highest level of integrity. 

Developed by a team of industry leaders comprised of clinicians, healthcare providers, and compliance experts, the standards set clear expectations within the industry on ethical patient care and business practices. 


Value to Members

The NHIA Standards for Ethical Practice reflect the industry’s commitment to providing high-quality care to patients and reaffirm our Members’ pledge to operate their businesses with integrity.  As responsible health care providers and business leaders, these NHIA Standards can also serve as an effective tool in making decisions and taking appropriate actions that are ethical and in compliance with applicable legal requirements.