The NHIA Model Contract Addenda

NHIA Reimbursement Training Center

Easy-to-use contract language specific to home infusion therapy

Download The NHIA Model Contract Addenda

The NHIA Model Contract Addenda is now available as a NHIA member-only benefit. While this tool has not been updated nearly a decade it is a significant historical reference and contains important contracting concepts and strategies that are still currently relevant. The NHIA Model Contract Addenda was developed by NHIA’s Home Infusion EDI Coalition to help you:

  • Establish the best possible contracts.
  • Address critical missing ingredients and problematic clauses in contracts.
  • Obtain contract language that clearly defines per diem, nursing and drug reimbursement.
  • Establish appropriate definitions for key infusion service terminology.
  • Develop proactive provider-payer relationships that minimize disputes.


The Addenda contains detailed contract language for proposing new contracts and renegotiating to improve existing contracts. It’s not generic language for any health care organization, but rather language that is highly specific for provision of home infusion therapy services:

  • A set of very best contract language. Starting with contributions of contract template language obtained from national, regional and local home infusion organizations, NHIA’s HIEC Committee experts analyzed these contributions, selected from the best ones and significantly enhanced language and terms given their multi-company assessment of the most critical opportunities and issues for home infusion.
  • A major enhancement to the presentation and organization of HCPCS and CPT billing codes as compared to the NHIA National Coding Standard for Home Infusion Claims under HIPAA. Your marketing, billing or claims processing staff will find it to be extremely easy to understand and quick to implement the compendia of codes and fee schedules.