Take a look at research posters submitted as part of NHIA’s 2020 Annual Conference. While we were unable to share them during the conference, we wanted to make these outstanding educational resources available to you, on a variety of topics in the home and specialty infusion industry.

View the poster submission from Rachel Dellevar – this year’s NHIF Outstanding Abstract Achievement Award winner.

Prescriber Acceptance Rates of Pharmacist
By Rachel Dellevar, PharmD


Retrospective, Multicenter Study of Catheter Complications in
Outpatient Parenteral Therapy with Known Vesicant Properties
By Titpisot Vorn, PharmD; Gene B. Decaminada, RPh; Maria Giannakos, PharmD, BCPS, MBA; Darcy
Schreier, PharmD;
Ibtissam Ouardani, PharmD; Uddyalok Banerjee, PhD.

Predicted Versus Actual Vancomycin Trough in a Home Infusion Settings
By Kristina Nguyen, PharmD; Bryan Eskew, PharmD, MS.

Provision of IV selenium in PN: Price, Not Shortage is Now the Challenge
By Penny Allen, RD, CNSC; Jennifer Lloyd, MS, RD, CNSC; Erin Beveridge, MS, RD, CNSC; Nancy Shaar, MS, RD, CNSC, CSP.

Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Standardization and Application in Health-System Infusion Services
By Ashley Wengrove McCracken, PharmD; Michael Grimes, PharmD, MBA; Brian Sherman, RN; Krista Decker, RPh, MSQA; Ashley Pham, PharmD.


The Effects of Medicare Part B Reimbursement for Home Inotropic
Therapy on Patient Access to Care from 2016 to 2019
By Charlie L. Nguyen, PharmD; Don Filibeck, PharmD, MBA, FASHP; Uddyalok Banerjee, PhD; Pralhad Gawde, RPh, BSPharm.

Case Study: Parenteral Nutrition Therapy Initiated in the Home
Environment in a Patient with Pancreatic Cancer and Chylous Ascites
By Christine Miller, PharmD; Danielle Richardson, RD, CNSC; Todd Hare, RPh; Jennifer Crowley, RD, CNSC.

Pharmacist-Focused Vancomycin Dosing Competency Program
Concentrating on Dosing Strategies to Reduce Adverse Events
By Shelby Dick, PharmD; Suzanne Kluge, RPh, B.S.Pharm, BCSCP; Kathi Andrusko-Furphy, PharmD, BCSCP;
Julia Gloe, PharmD; Uddyalok Banerjee, Ph.D.

Site of Care Safety Outcomes in Patients Receiving Ocrelizumab via Home Infusion versus Hospital-Based Infusion Center
By Sofia Shrestha, PharmD; Kailey Meyer, PharmD Candidate; Adam Rhodes, MS; Dana Simonson, PharmD, BCPS,

Flow Rate Accuracy of Ambulatory Elastomeric and Electronic Infusion Pumps Used to Deliver Continuous Infusions at Home
By Janet K Sluggett; Andrew J Sluggett; Jodie G Hobbs; Melissa K Ryan; Aaron Mohtar; Brett Ritchie; Karen J Reynolds.

Cefepime Induced Neutropenia Rates in the Home Infusion Setting
By Dustin Lee Pharm.D; Jay Winters Pharm.D; Maria Giannakos Pharm.D,BCPS MBA; Uddyalok Banerjee Ph.D.