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NHIF Announces 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Contact: Jeannie Counce
Editorial Director

Alexandria, VA (March 21, 2022)—The National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) is proud to announce that Mitra Gavgani, PharmD has joined its Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 term. Gavgani is Vice President, Pharmacy Services at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group. She just concluded her third term on the NHIA Board of Directors where she served as the Board Liaison to the Foundation.

Christopher Maksym, PharmD, FNHIA, rotated out of the Chair position, which was assumed by David Franklin, MSA, ACCS. The entire Board consists of:

  • Chair: David Franklin, MSA, ACCS
  • Vice Chair: Mitra Gavgani, PharmD, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
  • Janice Wilhelm, RN, MBA, Amerita
  • Dave Grady, Big Sky IV Care
  • Laila Alquadri, MD, Kabafusion
  • Drew Doyle, RPh, Soleo Health
  • Christopher Maksym, PharmD, FNHIA University of Michigan, retired
  • Todd Pledger, PharmD, Harbin Clinic, LLC
  • Connie Sullivan, BSPharm, NHIA

“I’d like to recognize Chris, who is rotating out of the Chair position but will remain on the NHIF Board for another term,” said Chair David Franklin. “Chris was an NHIA Board member and Chair before he was a founding member of the Foundation’s Board a decade ago. I’m proud to have served with him over the years where I’ve seen him work tirelessly to launch and grow the Foundation, and elevate home and alternate site infusion through professionalism, scholarship, advocacy, and education.”

“It has been very rewarding to see the Foundation’s progress over the years since its inception and now be in position to fully carryout our mission,” said Maksym. “We’ve gone from defining metrics to benchmarking to original research and now publishing a peer-reviewed journal. I’m extremely honored to play a role in this important work as we support the advancement of home and alternate site infusion therapy in health care delivery. I would also like to acknowledge and thank all of the home infusion providers and industry stakeholders who have provided both financial and volunteerism support to the Foundation. Together, we have realized many achievements and positioned the Foundation for ongoing success!”


NHIF is a non-profit organization supporting the enhancement of patient care and outcomes through leadership, research, and education. Established by NHIA, the foundation aims to provide data-driven programs that identify best practices and facilitate quality infusion care to patients. For more information, visit

NHIA is a trade association that represents companies that provide infusion therapy to patients in their homes and companies that manufacture and supply infusion and specialty pharmacy products. Infusion therapy involves patient-specific compounded medications, supplies, and a range of pharmacy, nursing, and other clinical services for delivering care to patients in the home setting. For more information, visit


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