Sterile Compounding Clinic

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Each year at the NHIA Annual Conference we offer our Sterile Compounding Clinic (SCC), a distinct track dedicated to the art of sterile compounding. The SCC first appeared at our 2018 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The clinic was created to provide attendees, of all disciplines, with didactic and hands-on experience in the world of sterile compounding. The clinic offers 20+ hours of continuing education credit for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, providing an inside look into aseptic technique and much more! There are 4 days of didactic presentations and 2 days of hands-on. Attendees will gain knowledge on many topics, not limited to, but include:
  • How to properly Garb and perform hand hygiene
  • Proper use of a Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD)
  • Understanding airflow in a LAFW with smoke study
  • Proper cleaning agents and mechanics for the Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls
  • Facility and Engineering Designs and Controls … what to look for when building new or remodel Overview of <797>, current and proposed.
On January 17, 2020, the Sterile Compounding Clinic was approved as a PTCB-recognized CSPT training program. What does this mean for our attendees? Any attendee that is a CPhT Certified pharmacy technician can attend the SCC and along with meeting the other requirements of PTCB, can now take the CSPT exam with 1 year of sterile compounding experience. Successful completion of the SCC allows for examination after 1 year of experience versus 3 years. For pharmacy technicians that are currently CSPT certified, they will be able to utilize the CEUs from this program for recertification, as long as they meet the other PTCB requirements.