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NHIA comments on california senate bill 958

April 26, 2022

This week, NHIA submitted comments on California SB 958, the Medication and Patient Safety Act of 2022

NHIA supports amendments to the proposed legislation that allow for infused medications to be administered in the enrollee’s home when the physician and patient determine it is in the patient’s best interest. 

NHIA objects to any efforts to restrict access to home infusion and rejects language that implies office-based infusions are safer than administering medications at home and cited studies published by the National Home Infusion Foundation.  The association also shared context for the unique expertise of home infusion providers and special considerations, standards and protocols that they develop to serve their patients. 

NHIA voiced support for additional amendments that require physicians to inform patients of all payer-supported site-of-care options for receiving infused and injected medications, similar to a requirement recently included in legislation passed by Congress as part of the 21st Century Cures. 

NHIA’s comments also supported restrictions on patient’s transporting their own infusion medications (I.e. brown bagging). 

Finally, NHIA’s comments expressed concern that the conditions for coverage or payment described in the proposed legislation are unnecessary and could increase the overall cost of medications for patients.

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