NHIA committees bring together the thought-leaders and innovators in home infusion therapy and play a critical role in driving the policies and priorities of the association. NHIA currently has several active committees which meet periodically by conference call and in person at the NHIA Annual Conference.

Below are NHIA’s current committees and their members:

Standards Committee

Members: Barbara Petroff (Chair), Marc Stranz, Carolyn Carlson, Mala Crossley, Wanda Rogers, Tricia Sirois, Mike Sweeney, Beverly DeSaules, Sheila Smith, Gene Decaminada, Neetu Samuel, Kaci Elmore, Mark Mikhael, Michael Grimes, Mitra Gavgani, Charles Lager, Barbara Prosser, Sam Wachsman

Executive Committee

Members: Logan Davis (Chair), Tim Affeldt, Jeff Wills, Kathy Patrick, Varner Richards, Bill Bolgar

Education Committee

Members: Melissa Leone (Clinical Track Leader), David Hirsch, Martha Michael, Felicia Schaps, Pammi Farren, Cassandra Redmond, Kevin Ross, Suzanne Kluge, Monica Bandy (Business of Infusion Track Leader), Sheryl DeTellis, Eric Jackson Lynne Thomas, Sohail Jaffry

Government Affairs Committee

Members: Tim Affeldt (Chair), Logan Davis, Cliff Berman, Eric Ho, Erick Seigenthaler, Carolyn Carlson, Bryce Jackman, Varner Richards, Richard Iriye, Esme Grewal, Kathleen Patrick, Rowena Birnel, Michael Rigas, Mark Mikhael, Craig Vollmer, David Adair

Outcomes Task Force Committee

Members: Krista Miller, David Franklin, Yvonne McDermott, Varner Richards, Eric Ho, Susan Kleppin, Michael Grimes, Kathi Andrusko-Furphy, Cara Baker, Margaret Smith, Kasey Kunze, Marie Groves, Angie Hutton, Jennifer Ashner, Sarah Brock, Mala Crossley, Janice Donovan, Emma Huepfel, Ashley McCracken, Gene Decaminada, Brett Benfield

Medicare Contractor Advisory Committee

Chair: Dawn McKinney

NHIA DAC Representatives:
Jurisdiction A: Jody Strain

Jurisdiction B: Megan Ensign
Jurisdiction C: Penny Allen
Jurisdiction D: Deanne Birch

Payer Advocacy and Relations Committee

Members: Glenel Tillich (Chair), Julie K Runyon, Cynde Derryberry, Rachel Ewell, Len Holman, Jeanne Lugli, Cheryl Pare-Ikley, Paula Roth, Cheri Sciacca, Jeanne Walker

Leadership Committee

Members: Todd Pledger (Track Leader), Frank Marr, Cheryl Gast-Whitaker, Melissa Pollender

Revenue Cycle Committee

Members: Marianne Buehler (Track Leader), Heather McNeill, Telanna Jaffers, Linda Payne