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NHIA Consultant Network Terms & Conditions

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The NHIA Consultant Network (hereafter “The Network”) is a service available to help alternate-site infusion therapy providers in need of identifying consultants serving the alternate-site infusion field. While consultants participating in The Network are asked to attest to the accuracy of the information they provide via this service, NHIA has not reviewed the claims or performance of any of the consultants being listed in The Network. In no manner, way or event will NHIA be responsible or liable for the information, work or service provided by the participating consultants of The Network. Providers using The Network should perform their own normal, thorough due diligence that would be expected when engaging any consultant providing a service. NHIA makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information listed by the consultants via The Network. Other than a nominal fee from the consultants for being listed on The Network, NHIA receives no compensation from any consulting assignment or business arrangement developed from contacts made using The Network.


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